Break dance is a groovy kind of body dance move. It has been practiced by dance aficionados in the U.S. since 1969. Because of the development of different styles of dances, the hip hop culture during that time also flourished hence break dance was incorporated.

converse trainers There are many ways on how to learn break dance. Different break dancing steps have been invented by popular people. However, practicing this kind of dance step is no joke since it will require the flexibility of your body.

To learn break dance steps, here are the ways on how you can learn it. Read on.

Learn the Basic Break Dance Movements

There are basic dance moves in break dance. And these are:

• Top Rock – This is the "warm up" dance step. You can do side step, power step or boyoing.

• The Footwork – This basic dance step focuses on the foot works of the dancer. While standing you can move your feet in 2 to 10 step position

Coffee grinder, Zulu spins and kick-outs can also be done. Note that the 6-step is one of the easiest break dance steps. This method is to place one hand on the floor while you are circling around the ground.

• Floor Rocks – This step is to basically touch the ground or floor using your body. From this, you can apply or add different floor dance steps like belly swim, scissors, side slide or body glide.

• Drops – To perform this step is to stand up and prepare "dropping" on the floor. This will be your cue in performing other break dancing steps. You can do the corkscrew, coin drop or knee drop.

• Power Moves – converse high tops uk This type of break dance step is the "climax". Meaning, this is where your whole body will move to the groove using power movements. The spinning motion is usually the steps and the usual power moves here are wind mill, back spin, flare or swipe.

• Freeze and Suicide – This is usually the cue on the last step of the break dance. This movement is to impress the audience by using these steps:

1. Air chair 2. Baby flip 3. G-kick 4. Flag 5. Pike 6. Hard drive 7. Pencil spin 8. Back head flip 9. Suicide corkscrew 10. Head stand

These are just some of the way on how you can do the basics in break dancing.

You can also ask or enroll in dance classes that offer this type of dance. A dance teacher will help you implement the different steps in break dancing. Make sure to follow what they are teaching to easily determine the steps.

cheap converse jack purcell There are also online break dancing videos that you can purchase and apply especially you are at home. Since there are many break dance offers online, you can choose the most popular or the easiest dance lessons for you to learn

Remember the best thing you can do is to practice the steps. Be motivated and focused in applying these steps because it will definitely harness your skills in dancing. It is also best to practice with your friends who are also interested to learn break dance. In this way, you can teach and learn from each other.