birkenstock sale The number of drug shortages has been increasing consistently over the last few years and both patients and caregivers have been paying a high price for the same. Painkillers, anti-cancer drugs, pediatric drugs, antibiotics and several anesthetics have joined the current drug shortage list thus pushing the healthcare industry into a more critical position.

The reasons behind the shortage are complex and may vary from delay of regulatory approvals to the most common supply chain problems. While patients are the most effected entity of the cycle, caregivers in the healthcare industry also have some difficult decisions to make. Read on to find out more.

The lesser known trouble of caregivers facing drug shortages

birkenstock arizona sandals While the common adverse effects of drug shortage like patient safety and increased hospital costs draw the major attraction, the rationing decisions and the principles that rule these decisions are often ignored. Consider a case when a doctor has to choose between two children who need a dose of a particular anti-cancer drug while the amount available would be sufficient for only one. While some medical institutions have formal committees in place, most don't. These formal committees are comprised of patient representatives, ethicists and individual seasoned physicians too. The risk of drawing ethically murky decisions and questionable practices continues to linger in the absence of such a committee. However the alternative option to source the drug from a reliable online marketplace still remains open.

What measures could possibly be taken into account while rationing drugs?

birkenstock gizeh sandals The factors considered to make the rationing decisions differ vastly. While some take patient's weight into account, other institutions may consider age as a major factor. Children are generally favoured during the chemotherapy treatment sessions over adults. The same is the case when the shortage occurs with nutritional products and other intravenous vitamins and fats. In some cases, there is the first-come-first-serve basis too. However, irrespective of the guidelines established and the ethics, difficult decision scenarios are always a part of the drug shortage scene.